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Local MP joins B young Stars’ knife crime sessions.

On Monday 18 February 2019, B Young Stars’ knife crime session supported by St Giles Trust was joined by Greenwich & Woolwich MP Matthew Pennycook. The event took place at Woolwich Common Youth Hub, one of four hubs run by Young Greenwich, the youth service CACT delivers on behalf of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, and was attended by groups of young people aged 13-18 and parents. Evan Jones and SOS Case Worker Tyron from St Giles Trust were also guest speakers at the session to discuss various topics including gangs, street violence and how to stay safe.
B Young Stars is a partner of Young Greenwich, specialising in education, physical activities, personal development and heavily support to reduce youth violence through their mentoring programmes.
Engaging with the young people, the MP spoke about the current issues affecting the young people today and how they can be influential within the decision making in the government through voting. He also gave the young people career advice, with many unsure about their career paths.

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Member wins the 2020 Young Writer of the Year Award


Yahye is a member of Young Greenwich who attends its partner sessions delivered by B Young Stars. B Young Stars are a local organisation focusing on extra curriculum education working with young people in the Woolwich and Plumstead area of the borough. In November, Yahye‘s creative skills contributed to him winning the Sunday Times / University of Warwick Young Writer of the Year Award.


Members of B Young Stars Become Top GCSE Students

B Young Stars is a partner of Young Greenwich, specialising in education and sports. In August 2017, members achieved exceptional results in their GCSEs after getting the support from the club.
Ashwaaq is a year 13 student who is one of many of the success stories at B Young Stars. Ashwaaq been attending the club since year 11 to get guidance on her education after her initial GCSEs results. She decided to attend sessions with B young Stars and focus on her studies. Her dedicated time with their teachers led Ashwaaq to re-take her English Language GCSE exam in which she achieved an A. Ashwaaq said:
“I got a D in English Language and within 3 months, B Young Stars helped me upgrade to an A. The tutoring and mentoring for young people really helps and it helped me get a great achievement.”
After meeting an outstanding goal, Ashwaaq now volunteers for B Young Stars, passing on the legacy to younger students and helping them to get the best out of their education.


Knife crime awareness workshop

Young people in Woolwich will have an increased awareness around the risks and consequences of carrying knives and weapons.